I just don’t know what happened to this coalition. Maybe they shifted to another domain or they got liquidated altogether. What I know about them is that the work that they were doing to promote board skating and BMXing was one of the most awesome tasks that any organization could do. To cap it all, all they were doing was for free.

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This photo taken sometimes in early 2005.



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Below is some of the information about them that I recovered form the wayback machine as at on 18th Jan, 2006.

Please see the below for accomplishments up to 2003.

The Vancouver SkatePark Coalition is run by a committed volunteer coalition of Vancouver skateboarders and BMXers. We’re a provincially registered not for profit society, and have been so since 1996. 2002-2003 was been another exciting year, with so many things on the go. We’re encouraged by the unanimous decision delivered by both the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation and Vancouver City Council for the new Downtown Park.

With some local volition, the park at Quebec & Union will be done this year. We had the one-year trial legalization of skating on Vancouver streets in 2002, and now, as of March 22nd, 2003, it’s permanent. Vancouver City Council has also recently decided that skateboards can no longer be confiscated by the Vancouver Police Department. The VPD is working overtime on serious issues, so let’s skate between the lines, which means do not hurt or endanger anyone other than yourself while on your skateboard legally on the streets of Vancouver. Failure to understand the flow results in fines starting at $75CDN.

The Strathcona Park was completed this year. It’s a mini-park, and is an example of where skateboarding should be: in the heart of the poorest postal code in Canada, next to new soccer fields, basketball hoops, a track oval, and right next to a resilient neighborhood that will make it work.

The Victory Square spot got us out to meet Senators and Soldiers this year. Skateboarding or not, the reclamation and restoration of Victory Square, a monument to Canadians lost defending their values in war, will proceed and become a new focal point of civic pride.

Andy Livingstone park (Hotspot) has become a found-object of skateboarding, with help from the VSPC and people with crowbars. The caps are never coming back. Coopers Park is under construction. The Leeside project is up on the immediate horizon, with so much work soon to achieve fruition. Estimates on the Westside Park point to the summer of 2004.

The VSPC is proud to have a hand in all of the improvements Vancouver is making.
Our strength is Vancouver spirit. That’s the citizens, writers, reporters, politicians, civic managers, photographers, printers, couriers, skaters, friends, BMXers, producers, web designers, police, teachers, drivers, architects, editors, community centre officials, donors and the many more who make a strictly volunteer organization like the VSPC viable, and delivering hard results.

As if that was not enough, the coalition championed for the improvement of skate-boarding and BMXing in Vancouver, which saw several parks and lanes erected as well as they enabled the sponsoring of various skating events. For instance, the coalition fund-raised and helped in the struggle to built Leeside Park one of the best skating parks in Vancouver in memory of Lee Matasi, an avid skateboarder who was shot dead.

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When, I bought this domain, i felt that its name was quiet vague. There was nothing much that I could do with it, until I visited the wayback machine and was thrilled by the community which used to own this domain. I will therefore be publishing content in respect of the community of both skaters and BMXers. Already, there are some interesting posts that I have collected. You can access them by clicking on their headers below. Be sure to visit the site later for more interesting posts and updated content. Welcome.